Policy of handling personal data of users of eProgress s.r.o. web services

eProgress s.r.o., České mládeže 1096, 460 06 Liberec, Company ID No.: 25934252 proceeds in personal data administration in accordance with European Union Regulation No. 2016/679.

For what purposes do we process your data?

  1. provision of the respective service you use via our website
  2. statistical purposes and measurement of our website attendance
  3. analysis of your preferences and display of content corresponding to your preferences
  4. organising consumer competitions, delivery of prizes
  5. improvement of our website content and its development
  6. ensuring the safety of our systems at the regular standard level
  7. bookkeeping and performance of other statutory obligations
  8. to the reasonable extent for direct marketing

What data do we process, how long and what are its resources?

The data we collect in relation to providing our services and registrations to these services may usually include your name and surname, e-mail, user name, password used, gender, further information input in the services, and information about your activities within the services.

We also process data on how you granted your permission to process your personal data and when you have revoked it. If our services allow sending messages between users, we can store the texts of such messages and sender’s data in the system for a reasonable period of time. In relation to the use of our services, we may collect additional information for the aforementioned purposes, such as the IP address you use to sign up for our services, the date and time of access to such services, the basic geographic location, etc.

We obtain the personal data we process either directly from you (by providing it to us, for example, under the respective service, registration for the service, or from individual correspondence with you), or within your activities on our website.

All personal data is only processed to the extent necessary to meet the aforementioned purposes. Personal data is processed for the period of existence of the user registration and profile, or as the case may be, for a period reasonable for the provision of the respective service. Please note that the permissions granted for personal data processing may be revoked at any time free of charge using the contacts listed below. In the case of revoking the consent, usually only the basic identification data, information on the granting/revoking of your consent and information about the reason for revocation of your consent or the data forming a part of the operational backups and the activity logs within the account are usually stored for a reasonable period of time. Please note that the data you input to be used in our services which is published (e.g., comments, photos, etc.) is not automatically deleted after the registration termination; its deletion must be applied for separately.

To whom can we make your data available?

eProgress s.r.o. may make your personal data available to third parties to ensure the provision of the respective service. The aforementioned particularly includes transfer of data between the accommodation provider and the guest as a part of the booking request and for mutual communication. Furthermore, in cases where it is imposed or allowed by law, and to the public administration authorities, eProgress s.r.o. will only disclose personal data to the usual extent.

Third party services on websites
Please note that our website may contain elements that allow collecting personal data or tracking behaviour of website users by third parties (usually in the so-called pseudonymised form, without the possibility of collecting direct identification data). The third persons who can access your personal data in the said manner may be in particular site traffic analysts, payment gateway providers (payment card providers), and providers of advertising systems in relation to the targeted advertising. The data collected within re-marketing may be shared with other participants in the respective network, nevertheless again only in the form that does not allow your personal identification.

Web servers of eProgress s.r.o. also allow social sharing of content in social networks via third-party applications, such as sharing via Facebook’s “Like” button, or sharing on Twitter social network. These applications may collect and use the information about your behaviour on server sites of eProgress s.r.o.

This processing is governed by the terms of the following that can be particularly found here:

eProgress s.r.o. has no control over data processing by the aforementioned service providers and applications. In regard to the personal data processing they perform, you must therefore address the operator of such services. For cookies, special rules apply as specified HERE

Are you obliged to provide us with the data?

You provide your personal data to eProgress s.r.o. voluntarily (however for some services, provision of certain personal data is necessary; this means if you do not provide it, we will not be able to ensure utilisation of the service by you).

Please note that if the legal reason for your personal data processing requires your consent, you may revoke such consent at any time free of any charge using the below mentioned contacts. Revocation of consent is without prejudice of legality of processing based on your consent granted before the revocation.

Right to objection
The right to objection is your important right. It allows you to have reviewed the processing performed based on our so-called legitimate interest in the case that your particular situation justifies this – it means in the case that the processing itself is permissible, but there are specific reasons on your side why you do not want to allow the processing anyway. You may file an objection against the processing via the contact details listed below or, preferably, by email.

Commercial message
Please note that your name, surname and address (including electronic one) may be used to make offers of services provided by eProgress s.r.o. By providing the information about your e-mail address, eProgress s.r.o. may send commercial messages by electronic means to the said addresses, unless stated otherwise in the terms of a particular service, until you disagree with such utilisation. In the case of sending electronic commercial messages you will always have the possibility to refuse your consent to such use of your electronic contact in a simple manner and free of charge upon receiving any individual message.

Data update
Each data subject has the right of access to personal data and the right to correct the personal data. Any data subject who discovers or believes that the controller or processor performs its personal data processing in a manner contradicting the privacy and personal life of the data subject, or contradicting law, in particular if the personal data is inaccurate with regard to the purpose of processing, may ask the controller or the processor for an explanation, and require the controller or the processor to remove the resulting status.

What rights do you have in relation to your personal data protection?

In relation to your personal data you particularly have the following rights:
  1. the right to revoke your consent at any time
  2. the right to correct or amend your personal data
  3. the right to require limiting the processing
  4. the right to file an objection or complaint against processing is certain cases
  5. the right to require the transfer of data
  6. the right to have access to your personal data
  7. the right to be informed about a personal data breach in certain cases
  8. the right to deletion of personal data (right to “be forgotten”) in certain cases
  9. other rights as set out in the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679

How can you contact us?

For any comments and questions regarding personal data protection and to exercise your legal rights, you may use the following contacts:

eProgress s.r.o.
Skokanská 433
460 08 Liberec 19
Czech Republic

e-mail: info@eprogress.cz